This catalogue includes a number of records taken from different bibliographic sources (from 1784 to 2013) and also from public collections. There are 24101 records in 55 families, 381 genera and 1382 species (see stats. It is certainly not complete and the degree of identification certainty varies by species and record. Any errors, questions, additions, please do not hesitate to contact Pedro Cardoso: pcardoso (at) ennor.org

The catalogue should be cited as:

  • Morano, E., Carrillo, J. & Cardoso, P. (2014). Iberian spider catalogue (v3.1). Available online at http://www.ennor.org/iberia

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    In complement, or alternatively, you may also cite the printed checklist:

  • Cardoso, P. & Morano, E. (2010). The Iberian spider checklist (Araneae). Zootaxa, 2495: 1-52.
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